Judith Anderson Biography

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Judith anderson was an australian actress. Judith birth name was Frances margaret anderson and she was born on frbruary 10, 1987, in adelaine, south australia to Jessie Margaret and James Anderson Anderson. Judith attended norwood high school. She made her debut in 1915 as her birth name at the threatre royal in sydney, playing stephanie, in a royal divorce with a scottish actor julius knight whom she gave the credits for helping her in acting. There were some american actors who suggested her to try her luck in the united states so she travelled to california but was not successful, than she moved to new york but even that didnt help. In 1918-1919, she found work at the fourteenth street threatre with emma bunting stock company. She made her broadway debut using her…show more content…
In 1937, she joined the old vic company, london in a production by michael saint- denis and played the character lady macbeth opposite laurence olivier. She again played lady macbeth in 1947 in new york opposite maurice evans . In 1942-43, she played olga in chekhov's three sisters along with actors like katherine cornell, ruth gordon, edmund gwenn, dennis king and alexander knox. In 1947, she won a lot of appraisal for her role as medea which was written by robinson jeffers and produced by john gielgud. She won a tony award fot the role of medea. In hollywood, she only got to do supporting character roles. She loved performing for stage. In her era, judith had won 2 emmy awards. She was also nominated for grammy award for her work on the wuthering heights recording. She was nominated for academy award for best supporting actress in rebecca which was made by alfred hitchcock in 1940. In that movie she had played the role of a sinister housekeeper mrs denvers. Due to that role she made few appearances in films like lady scarface in 1941, kings row in 1942, laura in 1944, spectre of the rose in 1946, the diary of a chambermaid in 1946. She also acted with richard harris in the film a man called
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