Judith Butler Is Still Alive Today

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Born in 1956, Judith Butler is still alive today. Not only is she a philosopher, she is also a gender theorist who has influenced may areas such as: political philosophy, ethics, and fields in feminist, queer, and literary theory. Butler is currently working at University of California, Berkeley teaching Comparative Literature and Critical Theory. She has written many books that revolve around gender and these books have been looked upon fondly by feminists. Precarious Life was written in 2005. This book is made up of five essays that detail what our ethical responsibilities should be and how we are obligated to others. Throughout Precarious Life, Butler discusses issues of vulnerability and violence, relationships between autonomy and…show more content…
We center on the first world perspective. Feelings of invulnerability lead to fantasy of omnipotence (9). Conflation of exploration and exoneration leads to the conception of responsibility. This includes isolating the event and conceptualizing rationality. Responsibility is the juncture of being acted on and acting. This causes the “response.” There is some basis of political community. Violence and vulnerability can be led to the exploitation of the ties we have with one another (27). Butler wants to say that we are always vulnerable. Butler wants to complicate the picture of autonomy. The narrative of autonomy leads to violence and stratification which in turn leads to dehumanization and derealation. We need to become aware of this process to understand our relationships. When we mention the narrative of autonomy we are speaking about the body. The body is both a site of private and public spheres. Most people see the body as only being in the private sphere but in reality, the body is constantly being regulated an example being like what clothes are appropriate to wear to different occasions. Butler wants to relate this to the relationships we have with legitimate power. Butler uses Focult’s idea of sovereignty and governmentality. Sovereignty is seen as “representative.” It is an individualized, concentrated power that involves decision-making. Governmentality on the other hand revolves around the process of law.

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