Judith Viorst Interpretation Of Cinderella

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Whereas women were expected to be humble, kind, considerate and submissive figures of society, Viorst's fairy tale princess had opinions of her own and asserted her own independence. There are many other texts, where men, during numerous points in history, used religious, philosophical, and scientific examples or beliefs to embed the idea of "inferior women" into Western culture. Whenever the early feminist movement tried to gain traction, they were pushed aside by more important and significant matters on the agenda. The agenda that was, of course, controlled by men. Women who strived to achieve gender equality found success more likely when tackling the issue of literature and female representation; whether it be female authors becoming canon or analyzing differences between writing styles of different genders, it was a strong belief that having a breakthrough in literature would make their voices heard. One of the main goals regarding literature was to change the way men kept portraying women in fiction novels; the obedient, loyal, and submissive wife (of the female monster, if she carried none of those traits). Bressler encourages this idea by suggesting analysis of texts through the lens of a woman in order to understand and clearly see how wrongly ignored they are in all aspects of life before being able to bring about
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