Judith Wright Poetry Essay

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Judith Wright Essay
How does Judith Wright use particular technical features to explore ideas and emotions?
Judith Wright is one of the greatest poets that Australia has ever produced. Most of her poems are based on social issues. Throughout her poetry Wright uses various techniques that explore different ideas and emotions. This can then be easily deciphered by the reader, allows them to bond to the meaning of the poem. Wright’s poetry covered emotions and ideas through the use of technical features in her poems; such as rhyme, rhythm, imagery and tone.

Wright, through the poetic technique of rhyme, is able to explore certain ideas and emotions for various issues or areas in life. The constant rhyme in “Man to Woman” follow an ABBAA
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Imagery is an extremely effective technique in Wright’s poetry, and, with it is able to promote her ideas and emotions to readers. In conjunction with imagery and other poetic techniques, Wright also uses tone throughout her poems to help to convey strong connections emotionally with the reader.

Wright uses tone throughout her poems extremely successfully; these are able to convey a thrilling or relaxing feel which supports in connecting the emotion and ideas of the poem. Throughout the poem, “Women to Man”, rhyme and rhythm creates an atmosphere of beauty and excitement, all of which Wright feels during conception and leading to birth. The solemn tone produced by the constant ABABAA pattern. Wright generates a tone of awe in regard to nature 's power as revealed through the poet 's strong use of imagery and diction in "The Hunting Snake." The speed, creating a worried tone, and use of description has the reader feeling endangered, creating an intense experience for the reader. In the poem “Egrets” a relaxed, conversational tone is presented by Wright, like “Woman to Man”, the constant rhyming pattern creates a rhythm and consequently a tone that is extremely calm and peaceful which helps explore the idea of the “Egrets” wading peacefully through the water. This tone assists the exploration of the beauty of the natural environment for the reader which
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