Judy Brady 's I Want A Wife

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I decided to read Judy Brady’s memorable essay, “I want a wife.” (Judy Brady, Literature for Composition, (Third Edition) Copyright 1993) In the essay Brady speaks about her take on housewives, and all that they do. Brady describes the main character (herself) who classifies as a wife, and a mother. Brady then goes on to describe how a recently divorced male friend was looking for a new wife. This information soon made the author realize that she also wanted a wife. She realized that it was an abundance of things that she could be doing with her life, if only she had a wife. Some of those things include going back to school, while the wife takes care of the household, and takes care of the kids. Brady says that she wanted a wife that could keep track of the children’s appointments, a wife who could take care of her physical needs, a wife who was a good cook, and a wife who wouldn’t bother her or complain about doing the duties of a wife. The author goes on, and on about the duties of a wife; the wife she wants rather. She then concludes the article by saying, “When I am through with school and have a job, I want my wife to quit working and remain at home so that my wife can more fully and completely take care of a wife 's duties. My God, who wouldn 't want a wife?” Ending the essay in this manner was brilliant in my opinion! It registered in my mind as sarcasm, and agitation. It made me want to know more about Brady, and related experiences of a 1960s housewife.
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