Judy Craymer Case Study Case Studies

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18 AUG 2014
Aanchal Khosla, MA2014SE001
Centre for Social Entrepreneurship,
School of Management and Labour Studies

ENTREPRENEURSHIP may be defined as a process of organizing any enterprise, a commercial or social venture, managing it with considerable initiative, innovation and risk.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

The course on entrepreneurship was introduced with a Case study of Mamma Mia that helped bring out and refine our preconceived and insufficient understanding of "entrepreneurship".

In the case study we tried to understand what makes Judy Craymer an entrepreneur, her decision to bounce back,in what ways was she innovative and creative, how did she manage risk. These were some
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The concern was that professionals have to travel and live in metropolitan cities due to work, leaving their old parents behind. He set up MDN in Manipal which was a company with three business activities- hardware designs, software designs and combination of both.MDN created opportunities around people and their skills, with the help of Narasimha. He explained, “My Company creates ‘social value’. MDN provides meaningful work to employees based on their skill and interest.Their profit comes from their work on high end technologies. Their clients respect them and appreciate their business philosophy. They easily connect to the social issues (about children staying away and not able to look after the aged…show more content…
With Amrita Ramachandaran’s interview, a lot of clarity on the correlation between the theory and practice of entrepreneurship was obtained through her journey and experiences as an entrepreneur. Amrita with two of her friends started Right-click, a brand communication company in 2010 and by what I understood she followed a model of effectual entrepreneurship.
According to Saras D. Sarasvathy “All entrepreneurs begin with three categories of means: (1) who they are―their traits, tastes, and abilities; (2) what they know―their education, training, expertise, and experience; and, (3) whom they know―their social and professional networks. Using these means, the entrepreneurs begin to imagine and implement possible effects that can be created with them.” 2
In the case of right click, Amrita knew that she possesses the traits and abilities to become an entrepreneur because she always desired to do something of her own. Her education and training was in mass media and communication which sought her experience and expertise in the fields of communication and branding. Her social network comprised of her colleagues from her previous jobs, clients, family and friends. All this combined enabled Amrita to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. To check if her idea is implementable She started off with taking small steps such as hiring just one employee who worked from
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