Judy Hecker 's Influence On Art

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With more than 25 years of professional experience in the art field, Judy Hecker has built a career rooted in her appreciation of fine art prints. On a recent 70-degree afternoon, Judy Hecker was putting personal notes on the last few invitation letters for the upcoming Spring Benefit Dinner. More than a hundred envelopes were piled up on a nearby table, ready to be mailed out. When she finished, she looked through the office window, and suggested we do the interview outside. The caged elevator took us down to the ground floor, and on a garden bench across the street, we had the conversation about her current role, career path and long-last love of art. This February marked the one-year work anniversary for Hecker as the director of the…show more content…
This topical show led to IPCNY’s first review in New York Times, written by its co-chief art critic, Holland Cotter. On the other hand, some part of the job falls beyond Hecker’s comfort zone. She had limited experience with fundraising before as MoMA has the entire development department to handle researching funds and grant writing. Nowadays, she considers fundraising the number one priority in IPCNY’s development as a financially secure organization. Both shaping the exhibition content and formatting the press release were her effort to attract more press interests, and ultimately more fund. Hecker started the planning of separate budgets: The annual budget is the big picture, and within it, each exhibition has its specific budget. “What I was able to do is to show what I hope to spend and what I need to fund raise,” she said. In 2016, they ended up with a year on surplus. In fact, Hecker finds the task most fulfilling when she can match the donor’s mission with the developing project, which happened with the Black Pulp show. “You are serving their interests, and at the same time, they are serving your interests,” she commended. “This is a mutually productive relationship, a great marriage.” As the public face and ambassador for IPCNY, another big role for Hecker is to be out there, meet people, and spread the words about the institution and its programs. “That happens all hours,” were her exact words. “It is

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