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Jueteng in the Philippines is a problem of previous administrations and now a big challenge to President-apparent Noynoy Aquino on whether to legalize or put an end to it.
What is jueteng? It is an illegal numbers game played in the Philippines that originated from China meaning "flower" (jue) and "bet" (teng). Players need to choose 2 numbers from 1 to 37 and place their bets. There is no limit as to the number of bets. The players' numbers and bets are gathered by the "kubrador" (sort of collecting agent) and forwarded to what we call "kabo or bangka." Two number winning combinations are determined by a raffle from two sets of 37 numbered balls. The amount of winnings will depend on the amount of the bet. The higher the bet, the higher
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REGION III, which covers provinces in Central Luzon, has earned the reputation of being the illegal gambling capital of the Philippines due to the proliferation of various forms of illegal numbers games there, including jueteng.

In his column Dead Shot, veteran journalist Erwin Tulfo said that while so much “muck has been hurled against PNP Region VI-A Regional director Chief Supt. James Melad and National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief, Director Gen. Alan Purisima” for allegedly receiving protection money from jueteng operators, nothing is being said about Region III director, Chief Supt. Edgardo T. Ladao.

“How come nobody’s questioning him? This, despite the fact that countless jueteng and prostitution joints have been raided from Bulacan, Angeles up to Zambales. I am not defending Chief Supt. Melad. It just makes me wonder how come authorities and critics managed to zero in on the illegal gambling activities in Region 4 but failed to see the shenanigans in Region 3?” Tulfo asked.

The broadcaster even averred that Ladao has been playing deaf to complaints by civic and religious organizations in the region about the widespread problem of illegal gambling and other illicit activities.

“Not once nor twice, but countless of

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