Juggle Research Paper

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At the age of seven, I learned to juggle! I wanted to learn because my father and step-brother were both able to juggle and I was so amazed at how easy and effortless it appeared to be for them. My father taught me standing over my bed, so the balls would not roll all over my room. I started with one ball, then added one more, and finally all three at one time. Quickly, I found out that juggling is not an easy talent to perform. It takes constant practice, dedication, and perseverance. I accomplished my goal after six long and frustrating months and now am able to juggle pretty much anything round.

Although, juggling is not a talent that will get me far in my professional life, the act of learning to juggle, taught me several valuable lessons at a very young age.
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Finding that balance has never been easy, but the more “balls” thrown at me, the more I needed to manage my time to be successful.

After many family vacations to the beach, where I experienced the ocean first-hand and most recently, a summer camp through MOTE Aquarium, I now have a new goal, which is to become a marine biologist. The majesty of the ocean, the ocean life, and the ecosystem are something that I have always been intrigued by and now plan to make it a career. I realize that becoming a marine biologist is not going to be an easy task to accomplish, but I am prepared for the hard work and dedication it will take to reach my long-term goals. I am excited about not only the classroom portion of marine biology, but equally excited to get in the field and experience hands-on learning and research.

Juggling is a talent and one that I am happy to have mastered, as it taught me several lessons that guided me through my youth and into the
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