Jugnu's Salon Essay

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Small businesses can be expanded in many ways. This can help attract more customers, increase sales and market share. It can also help you to stay ahead of your competitor.
Hiring new employees
Initially small businesses can expand by hiring more labor at existing place if currently business has enough capacity. Jugnu can hire sufficient labor if there is enough space in the salon.
New outlet
Opening a new outlet in new location is often a common step small businesses take when they expand their businesses. If Jugnu’s current location is under control, it can consider opening an outlet in a new location.
Another way is offering the business as a franchise allows business expansion without needing it to manage the new location. This can help in maximizing the time Jugnu’s spend in improving its salon in other ways.
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Licensing has less risk and lower cost as compared to that of a business that is to be started to sell the brand or product. Jugnu’s salon can conduct a research when finding a licensing partner which has similar product and services.
Also a powerful way to expand quickly is to align the business with the same type of business. For example, hotels work with airlines to gain customers. Similarly, Jugnu’s can form alliance with health care, nutritionists and skin doctors.
Winning government contract
An additional best way to grow your business can be winning a government contract. For example, Jugnu’s salon can win a government contract for a year or more by offering free memberships to female staff in which they can provide a wide range of services at a discounted
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