Juice Center Buisness Plan

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Juice Center Business Plan A B S T R A C T Business is ever changing; change is the only constant in business environment. Comprehensive business plan with clear Mission, objective considering Executive Summary ‘Sam’s Juice Center’ is unlike a typical Juice Center will provide excellent combination of Organic fruit and vegetable Juices at value pricing with fun and entertaining atmosphere. It is determined to become a dream place to overcome a day to day stress due to its pleasant ambiance and comfortable environment, making its customers to enjoy their each visit. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate one juice center from another. Sam’s Juice center does this by providing the only…show more content…
b. On contrast, due to the harsh winters of Northern Illinois and the lake effect snow, the turnout of visitors for shopping during month of January and February will be comparatively less. This adds to the trouble as the normal demand for juice is slow during the winter season. Opportunities: 1. Differentiation by Price: By keeping competitive price with good quality and fresh products, consumers can be attracted towards juice center. By keeping the price comparable with cold and hot beverages the traditional cold drink and coffee consumers can also be attracted towards the juice center. 2. Promotion through health awareness: By providing the rigorous campaign on health and fitness awareness, customers can be diverted from cold beverages towards Organic Juice consumption. 3. Senior citizen factor: Due to the growing consumption of organic fruit and vegetable juices by senior citizens, concessional price for senior citizens can provide a stable and sustainable base to the juice center. This will also improve the resilience of organization towards market fluctuations. 4. Comprehensive Product range: By providing option of organic fruits and vegetable juices under one roof, diversified customer range can be satisfied. Threats: 1. New entrant and cost: Due to the rapid construction of new outlets, though it increases opportunities in development along with it

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