Julia Roberts Research Paper

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The movie roles of the actress who became a Hollywood star after headlining the romantic comedy Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts, have run the complete range through the years, but Julia Roberts never forgot her roots.

In a recent interview with Roberts, the American actress and producer opens up about her upcoming American thriller film - Secret in Their Eyes, and how far Julia Roberts has come since her romantic comedy days.

She won an Oscar for the biographical film Erin Brockovich, and seems to have reserved away from romantic comedy, but Roberts stated recently that she would do more.

Julia Roberts, who was the highest-paid actress globally throughout the 1990s, stated, "Individuals stating, oh, she's in opposition to romantic comedies - but, I'm not. I love them," "I've been fortunate enough to be in some really good ones, so the bar for me is really high."
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But that's not the reason why Julia Roberts hasn't been doing
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