Julian Assange: The Mystery Behind Wikileaks Essay

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The doctrine of human rights is one of the concepts which have played a role in the civilization of several countries. These inalienable rights were created to protect and preserve the dignity of all humans regardless of race, sex, nationality and religion. Also, they were design to secure everyone’s right to liberty, property and happiness. They are meant to create and establish a brotherly relationship among all nations. However, according to Article six of the Declaration of Human Rights, “everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law” (UDHR). By way of explanation this article clarifies that one’s expression of human rights must be in accordance with the law of whatever land one resides. These rights do…show more content…
It is the release of such information that causes U.S. politicians to format an attack against the nonprofit, calling for the arrest and trial of its spokesman, Julian Assange. The question is this: If U.S. politicians regard Wikileaks’ information as a ‘chit-chat,’ why are they in an uproar against the organization? Bill Moyers, an American journalist and commentator once said that “War, except in self-defense, is a failure of moral imagination” (Moyers). In other words, the attack on Wikileaks and its operators is unjustified. After all, the U.S. is a country who believes in the right to free speech and individuality, for that reason, Assange shouldn’t be punished simply because he knows and exercises his human rights more that the average person. Furthermore, Wikileaks is an organization devoted to educating people specifically about their country’s foreign relations. It can also be seen as a mouth piece for citizens who are afraid to oppose the government’s wrong doings. Such is the case of Bradley Manning, a 23 year old Oklahoman and U.S soldier who released some classified materials which included the “video of a July 2007 helicopter airstrike in Baghdad, which WikiLeaks published…calling it the ‘Collateral Murder’ video” (Wikipedia). The footage consists of American soldiers murdering civilians and some journalists. According to an article

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