Julian Carter's Outlaw

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Have you ever felt like you were trapped somewhere against your will? Well that is how Julian Carter feels in the book Outlaw by Ted Dekker. In this Journal Me the reader will go over three searches in the book. The three chosen are the search for fate, acceptance, and new life. However, our main character doesn’t feel as if she belongs in the new world she was launched into. She had dreams about her fate back in Georgia. She started to have dreams about a place she believed was somewhere in New Guinea. Her dream had one important line: “Come to me, it sang without words. Find me. Join me. Save me…(Dekker 17)”. She didn’t like her life, so she ventured her way to Australia. After her husband and father demised she set off on her sojourn with…show more content…
She finally started to feel accepted by not only the kids, but as well as some of the adults. Julian had the power to start a war or die. The wife of Wiliam(her owner) says that if she looks beautiful in the eyes of William he may risk the war to keep her. Julian has the power to bear children unlike Melino(William's wife). Nevertheless, Julian becomes beautiful to try to impress William, so she is could be kept by him. At the ceremony with thousands of Tulim people Julian had the power, all eyes were on her, like the eyes of a cat on a mouse, this was her time. She sung the same song from her dreams. She started to sing Amazing Grace in front of all the people, she needed to impress William, because he is the only one that can save her from Kirutu. She sang one song that changed everything. William defended Julian and took her as a new wife. Nevertheless, Julian was finally accepted at the price of a war between two brothers, three tribes, and the valley of Tulim. Overall, the story of Julian Carter is a breathtaking one. She is the woman with no fear, she started a new life from nothing, but at what price is still to figure out. Was the risk she took really worth what will happen. She had found her fate, she accepted what was happening, and she had started her new life in the Tulim
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