Julia´s Case Study Essay

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1. Problem Formulation: Julia a 17 year old who grew up in a stationary living situation in a northeastern suburban town is experiencing problems. She is in her first year of college and is having difficulty relating to others. She has an eating disorder that is affecting her health conditions emotionally and physically. She in not coping with stress with her involvement in track and cross-country because she gained an extra 15 lbs. Her coach asks her to change her diet and watch the junk foods that she consumes. Julia is seeking treatment at this time from pressure from her college. Julia was mandated to attend therapy. Her Dean instructed her to go to the counseling and health center for an evaluation before she could continue…show more content…
She was not comfortable with “touchy-feely” situations. She expressed that “It’s always a little awkward when they have to hug our grandparents on holidays.” Her parents had an authoritarian parenting style, which was overbearing with checking up on her whereabouts when she was not in her own home. Her parents had high control with low affection. An example of this smothering was when she was attending spending the night parties with friends, her parents would page her during the night. Another example of where her developmental problem occurred is that Julia’s parents did not like her being alone with boys. She did not have the socialization of being able to be free to date to establish early intimate bonds of friendship. Julia’s parents isolated her by being too rigid with their control over their daughter. The developmental family experience taught her not to be able to trust. Julia has an insecure attachment with her family with trust issues that make her self-doubt her relation with the world. 4. Therapeutic Process: In order to form a working alliance with Julia, I would have to begin with working with Julia’s irrational fears. Julia’s self-image would need to be drastically improved. Her illogical thinking patterns would need to be realigned with positive role modeling techniques. I would need to engage Julia with process questions that gently probe her inner most thoughts. I would want to open Julia up to be able to express her real wants and desires,
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