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“BP is a multinational energy business that has 92,000 employees and operates in 175 countries. When a new chief executive was recruited internally at BP (Tony Hayward), he promised to improve the company’s disappointing performance by quickly changing its culture to become more innovative and responsive to its customers.”

Q: How easy do you think it is for a new chief executive to change the culture of an organization quickly? Justify your answer with reference to BP &/or other businesses that you know.

The BP Company has experienced a huge explosion at its Texas City Refinery in 2005, the oil spillage in Alaska in 2006 and also the Gulf of Mexico explosion in the BP oilfield in 2010, and these occurrences have had effects on
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Another thing that Hayward is trying to say is that he thinks the BP should think more about the maintenance of a piece of equipment for a longer time period but not the short term benefit like cutting the cost, for example, it is not responsible to cut budgets related to safety and maintenance without thoroughly examining the impact on the risk of a catastrophic accident. At the same time, Hayward is well known and has experiences in the organization. If the workers can get involved more to the business so that this might lead to better decision making and he also want workers to feel more secure and happy in their jobs, since he hope to make the business to become more innovative. For example, in changing situations that demand a new way of thinking or a fresh solution, stuff input can be very helpful and valuable. These management strategies may lead the business to perform better, and if the whole business is having more motivation to work which on the other words means to become more responsive to its customers and furthermore, it may enable BP to raise it reputation and gain its public’s trust again.

However, on the other hand, changing the corporative culture of the business can be very difficult and in reality, it take times for the business to get used to the changes before it moves on to the other stage of better business performance. There are also some other factors that can influence the

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