Juliet In Romeo And Juliet

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In Act II, scene v, Juliet’s caretaker, the nurse, goes to Romeo for details regarding his upcoming marriage with Juliet. When she returns, she teases Juliet by purposefully not telling her Romeo’s message, and they engaging in a friendly banter. Many exchanges later, the nurse finally tells Juliet the news, and the nurse helps prepare Juliet for the important things that are to come. Juliet’s dialogue with the nurse and change of tone characterize their relationship. Juliet and the nurse share a loving, yet playful relationship. Shakespeare uses dialogue to characterize Juliet and the nurse’s relationship as playful. Knowing Juliet is extremely eager to hear Romeo’s message, the nurse teases Juliet by purposefully making excuses to avoid…show more content…
Fully aware of Juliet’s anxiety over Romeo’s answer, the nurse fakes being sad before walking towards Juliet, trying to convince Juliet “though news be sad.”(Line 23), changing the anxious tone to a tone of playfulness. The playful tone is exemplified when the nurse chides Juliet, “you know not how to choose a man”; wanting Juliet to believe she didn’t like him, the nurse pretended she was going to insult him, but instead she compliments Romeo, “his face be better than any man’s; his leg excels all men's.” The nurse teases Juliet again when she’s about to reveal what “your love said.” Knowing Juliet has been waiting for this moment since the nurse returned, the nurse quickly changes the subject and instead asks, “where is your mother?” The nurse had many laughs at Juliet’s expense in just a couple minutes, highlighting the playful aspect of their relationship. However, the playful tone quickly changes to a serious tone when they start discussing the future. Fully aware Romeo won’t be able to enter the Capulet mansion, the nurse comes up with a solution, telling Juliet, “hie you to church, I must another way, to fetch a ladder by the which you love.” (Lines 77-78). The nurse knows if she was ever caught helping Romeo into the Capulet mansion, there would be serious repercussions for her. Still, she’s willingly helping Romeo and Juliet break the rules because she loves Juliet and
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