Juliet the Rulebreaker in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Should people be allowed to break the set laws of society for their own desires? In the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” these laws have affected the main character Juliet in many ways. In this play these laws not only prevent her from having true happiness with Romeo, but they also force Juliet into a marriage that she does not even want. They even force her to have a fake her own death to be with her one true love; however, Juliet breaks these set laws though to have true happiness with the one she loves. Although Juliet goes against society, she does it in order to be happy with Romeo, avoid being wed to Paris, and not having to listen to her family.
The First way that Juliet goes against society is by dating, and falling in love with
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This can be heard of while she talks to Friar Lawrence in a non-eloquent manner, “ And this shall free thee from this present shame, / If no inconstant toy nor womanish fear / Abate thy valor in acting it. / Give me, give me! O, tell not me of fear! / Hold! Get you gone, be strong and prosperous / In this resolve. I’ll send a friar with speed / To Mantua, with my letters to thy lord. / Love give me strength, and strength shall help afford. / Farewell, dear father. “ (iv.i.118-126). This proves that Juliet was trying to avoid the wedding by making a plan with the friar. Therefore, this caused her to act out against the normal of society by trying to avoid the wedding. The third way that the marriage makes Juliet act out is by how she killed herself temporarily to avoid being married. This is not only her action out, but her not agreeing with her arranged marriage. However, having an arranged marriage was common back in Juliet’s time, but since she did not want one she acted out by not agreeing with the marriage. This proves that she did not agree with society, and that she did act outside of what society thought was okay to do. Overall Juliet avoiding the arranged marriage clearly shows that she is not afraid to act against the fickle laws set by society, and that she only wants to have true gallant love with Romeo.
The final way that Juliet acts out against society can be seen with her family. The first example can

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