Julington Creek: Case Study

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Going Gated? Visit Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek

Targeting a new custom Florida home? Do you have the freedom to pick your location? If so, focus on Florida’s northeast corner, where Jacksonville and its surrounding communities offer a great selection of urban, suburban and quieter neighborhoods. We at ICI Homes cheerfully suggest Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek Plantation. It’s a spectacular, gated community we think will surprise and delight you. But first, allow us to explain.

The Metro Jacksonville Location Is BIG

Jacksonville is Florida’s booming, northeast gateway. Recent financial and real-estate reports have rated it as a top place to move to, and as a great market for real estate investors. It sits at the intersection of two major interstates — 95 and 10 — where the St. John’s River, a major transportation and recreational hub, empties into the Atlantic Ocean. As such, Jacksonville also is home to a major port and a major U.S. Naval base. Twenty-two miles of beaches, several professional sports teams, an active, outdoor lifestyle and burgeoning job markets mean Jacksonville and its surrounding communities are prime relocation and retirement options.

Why Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek
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Choose from the 2,870-square-foot Victoria all the way up to the 5,271-square-foot Preston. Our Magnolia Preserve model is the 3,067-foot Egret V. It’s a four-bedroom, three-bath home that showcases a longtime ICI Homes strength — a large, open design that connects all crucial living spaces (think kitchen, living and entertainment areas) for optimum movement and family enjoyment. You’ll find another ICI Homes strength at Magnolia Preserve: the ability to customize our plans at no added cost. We’re proud to have done it for more than 30 decades of home-building across the state of Florida, and we’re happy to make your new Magnolia Preserve home work for
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