Julius Caesar : A Bit Cruel But For Today 's Day An Age

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Julius Caesar assignation seemed a bit cruel even for today’s day an age. Now what was the reasoning behind the killing? Did people view him as a model politician or a selfish dictator? After reading three excerpts I found that these account were leaning more on the side of Caesar being a selfish dictator rather than a model politician, for the simple fact that the way the events were described leading up to the assignation as being horrible for Rome. After he manipulated his way to consul of Roman Empire he used his oral communication skills to weasel his way into the position as Governor of Gaul, afterwards he started building his empire of wealth and gained knowledge of his military commanding skills fighting the local Germanic tribes of central Europe. Caesar crossing the Rubicon River in 49BC was devastating to the Roman Empire. When Caesar reputation and overall support got back to Pompey, he attempted to declare Julius as an enemy of the state, and that did not sit well with Caesar. Upon reaching the Rubicon he had a decision to make weather or not to cross because that was the final sign of treason. This was the workings for the Civil war that took place from January 49 BC to March 46 BC. 300,000 people lost their life in the matter of three years, All because of a man with too big of an ego. So from this point on into the reading I felt as if the authors were implying that the need of the killing, of a man who is willing to risk some many lives for power, in one

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