Julius Caesar : A Great Leader

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Gaius Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar, hereinafter Julius Caesar or Caesar, lived from 100 BC to 44 BC in Ancient Rome. Julius Caesar was an accomplished military general and skilled politician, who is credited with ending the Roman Republic and ushering in the age of Roman emperors. Julius Caesar’s father’s side of the family was part of the original founders of Rome, so he had the birth pedigree, although he lacked personal wealth that was typical of many of the nobles. His mother’s family was plebeians, or common working class. Julius Caesar’s birth rights provided him the opportunity for education, military leadership, and the ability to marry other nobles. Caesar studied in Rome and Rhodes, off the coast of Greece, as a young man. There he learned the foundation to become a great leader. He learned the art of debate, persuasion, philosophy, history, and military tactics. All of these would become useful in his military and political career and rise to fame. Julius Caesar was married to Cornelia, a wealthy daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna. For a time, this brought Caesar personal wealth, which he previously lacked as a noble Roman. This also thrust Julius Caesar into the internal struggle of two rivals: Cinna and General Sulla. After a short civil war, General Sulla emerged victorious and Caesar, who would not divorce his wife, fled Rome and went into hiding. Caesar remained married to Cornelia until her death in 69 BC. Later in life, Caesar remarried two
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