Julius Caesar : A Reflection Of Politics

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We are no stranger to the the familiar cycle that we call Revolution. The powers that be are doubted due to jealousy or corruption and are attempted to be overthrown, this cycle of human interaction is what not only binds Julius Caesar to today’s politics but to history in general.Throughout this assignment I will be speaking on how Julius Caesar is reflective of politics today.

The first reason I believe that the story of Julius Caesar can be a reflection of todays politics is because of the personalities that we see in power or attempting to obtain it. Shakespeare used symbolism in Caesar, Anthony, Brutus, and Cassius to create a spectrum of characters that makeup the usual candidates running for positions of power. The persona of Julius Caesar represents the charismatic man in power who is ambitious and a impending disaster. Those few traits represent many leaders throughout history and in todays politics I view those traits similar to Donald Trump who has the ability to concur business wise however I do not believe should be our nations leader. Anthony 's character represents a individual who is truly noble,strong, educated and is very good with his words. Brutus persona represents a individual who earned much respect from the people, aims to protect Rome however he is also naive and I find that is the most interesting aspect of his character because it shows the reality of his persona that even though Brutus may mean well it can also cause him to get in trouble.…

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