Julius Caesar, A Roman General, Dictator, And Leader

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Julius Caesar, a Roman general, dictator, and leader, is considered to be one of history 's most influential and powerful rulers to this day, in which his rise to power, conquest of Europe, and controversial downfall all remain to be told during modern days. The play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare, portrays the events leading up to Julius Caesar’s assassination, and how those who conspired against him banded together and plotted Caesar’s demise. Many of those conspirators assassinated Caesar due to his quick rise to absolute power, his “acts” of disrespect against the senate such as his failing to stand to receive the title of becoming a “god,” and pure jealousy and anger towards Caesar’s success and rule over the Roman empire. Caesar, an ambitious man, was able to conquer many lands and peoples for Rome through successful military campaigns in which he became one Rome’s best generals due to the amount of successful battles he had won and the amount of blood he had shed for Rome’s expansion. However, Caesar’s trait of ambitiousness would prove to be a double edged sword.
Caesar’s ambition not only brought Caesar multitudes of accomplishments and eventually led him to becoming dictator of Rome, but also brought him many enemies jealous of his power, along with the inability to be satisfied with himself and his accomplishments (as he was a perfectionist). If Caesar were to not be a perfectionist and as ambitious as he was, he wouldn’t of accomplished any of…
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