Julius Caesar : A World 's Most Influential And Powerful Military And Political Leaders

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Gaius Julius Caesar is considered to be one of the world’s most influential and powerful military and political leaders. Born into a wealthy and old aristocratic family on July 13 of the year 100, it was expected of Caesar to assume office in pursuit of an ordinary career in Roman politics. However, Caesar was not an ordinary person. Instead, he climbed up the political ladder by marrying into a wealthy family, assumed important military positions that heightened his status, and advocated for key social issues in service to the poor. Through these feats, Caesar was hailed as a hero by the common people of Rome and was declared dictator perpetual, dictator for life. However, this position did not make him popular in the Senate. The senators…show more content…
In Twelve Caesars written by Greek biographer Plutarch, “As for the nobles, to some of them he promised consulships and praetorships ion the future, others he appeased with sundry other powers and honours, and in all he implanted hopes, since he ardently desired to rule over willing subjects.” Despite his efforts to satisfy the hierarchy of Rome, Caesar struggled to achieve more due to What’s more, he had “hoped to circumvent the roadblocks by attracting adherents from among novi homines, équités, municipal families, and men from the lower ranks of the aristocracy (Gruen 505). This was seen as a gross abuse of power by the oligarchy, who were unsettled by Caesar’s careless manner of giving away positions that were reserved for senators in the nobility. Perhaps the most open hatred towards him stemmed from his infatuation with power. Caesar accepted an excessive number of honours during his dictatorship: he was named consul for the next ten years; his birthday was made into a national holiday; and he was awarded the title of liberator. According to his contemporary Suetonius in his biography, Twelve Lives of Caesar, he wrote: “…[Caesar] also allowed honors to be bestowed on him which were too great for mortal man: a golden throne in the House and on the judgment seat; a chariot and litter in the procession at the circus; temples, altars, and statues beside those of the gods; a special priest, and additional college

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