Julius Caesar And Brutus Analysis

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A butcher or a sacrifice?

Shakespeare created two tragic heroes in his play Julius Caesar, Caesar and Brutus. Caesar was wrong by ignoring the Soothsayer’s warning and Calpurnia’s suggestion and insisted on going to the Senate in the ides of March. Brutus was wrong in three parts: killed Caesar, who had not be a monarch yet. Believed in Cassius’s bewitches and insisted Antony was only cared about the Roman republic and have no political ambition.

Everyone who reads Julius Caesar will be impressed by the very last sentence from Caesar, “Et Tu, Brute!” which filled with surprise and desperation. The Brutus was famous for protecting the Roman Republic, and Brutus himself was a member of the Senate with a lofty virtue worthy of respect. What’s more, he was also the closest friend to Caesar. When those rebels tried to assassinate Caesar in the Senate, Caesar fight against violently to those oppositions until he saw Brutus stabbed him.

Talking about Brutus join the rebels and assassinate Caesar, historians and litterateurs are always holding a different point of view. Dante put Brutus in Giudecca (last floor of the hell) in his book Divine Comedy and punished him with the most severe punishments. However, many scholars believed that Brutus was an idealist. He had no selfishness and what he wanted was to prevent Caesar proclaim himself as emperor. In order to save the Roman Republic, he had to betray his friend and his patron.

In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Brutus had a
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