Julius Caesar And Cleopatr Cleopatra And The Death Of Cleopatra

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Initially, the people of Rome did not want Cleopatra as a queen after Julius Caesar died. Cleopatra wanted to take over Rome after Caesar died, but the people would not let her do that and forced her to flee. The Romans did not want a queen in power, especially Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a ruler alongside her twin brother in Egypt, when Caesar came over from Rome to answer a dying wish of her father to look after the two and make sure everything is going well. Caesar brought Cleopatra back to Rome as his second wife, had a kid with her and then he was killed by the council. After Caesar was killed Cleopatra fled the city of Rome with Caesar's best man, Mark Antony, and had a war against Rome. The idea of this research essay is to explain how Cleopatra was affected by…show more content…
The author, Don Nardo, says that Caesar and Cleo went from being political partners to them being lovers. Cleo and Julius went from acquaintances to lovers; they had a kid together so when the council stabbed Julius 23 times, killing him, she automatically knew that she would have to run to protect the kid and herself. “Meanwhile, she was anxious to acquire Egypt’s throne and urgently needed his backing in her contest with her younger brother. Therefore, Cleopatra and Caesar would each benefit significantly from a mutual pact at that moment in time. As it happened, they not only joined forces politically speaking, but also became personal friends and lovers.” (Nardo 26) This quote speculates how Cleopatra was trying to use Caesar to get an advantage in gaining power over her brother and everyone else. Cleopatra was the most affected by Julius Caesar’s death because when he was killed, she lost all of her allied powers and led Rome and Egypt into a war, but she was very significant in the time

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