Julius Caesar And Octavius

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Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius and Marcus Antonius After Caesars’ assassination it was unclear to who would become the next ruler of the Roman Republic. Many individuals desired to gain a power and that led to a civil strife. Two persons who would most likely succeed in claiming the throne were Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony), a Caesar’s long-time friend and lieutenant who fought many battles under the Caesar’s command, and Gaius Octavius, a Caesar’s grandnephew and adopted son, who have been mentored by Caesar in attempt to become his next heir. Both potential rulers of Rome have different backgrounds. Marc Antony was a general and battle-experienced commander. He served during the conquest of Gaul (58-50 BC) and the Great Roman Civil war (49-45 BC). Antony, however, lacked political knowledge and was not able to efficiently debate against his opponents. One of his most memorable moments was the speech after Caesar’s assassination where Antony claimed himself as a true follower of Caesar’s politics. Octavius, on the other hand, was 19 on the moment of Caesar’s death and did not have any leadership experience. Yet, he was very crafty politician and could manipulate people’s opinions. Many Romans had hopes for Caesar’s bloodline relative, yet there were those who opposed the Caesar’s regime and would not like to see his successor on the throne. Either Marcus Antony or Gaius Octavius eventually would have to become a new Roman ruler. Both understood that they cannot be allies
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