Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare

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Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. The story opens to a crowd that is celebrating the return of the greatest ruler of the day, Julius Caesar.Caesar passes through a public square to celebrate the Roman festival of Lupercalia. A soothsayer comes into view and warns Caesar to "Beware the ides of March", but Caesar ignores his premonition.Caesar and the adoring multitudes move on to the festival, but Brutus and Cassius stay behind.They remain to discuss Caesar 's thirst for power and his desire to turn the republic into a dictatorship. Cassius is already prepared to assassinate Caesar to save Rome from tyranny, and he attempts to convince Brutus that the murder would be justified. At the end Caesar gets killed by the conspirators and Marc Antony gets the people against the conspirators then Brutus and the conspirators kill themselves at Philippi.The main characters of a tragedy could contain of an unhappy ending, the hero being an important person, extraordinary abilities, and more. There also is doom added to the story which involves courage and dignity. At the end the hero’s tragic flaw is then recognized as well. When the hero’s flaw is recognized, the audience usually gives sympathy to the hero.
The tragic hero, though, has characteristics that involves high status or noble stature. Another thing that happens would be that the hero is usually at fault for the wrong-doings in the story. Even though this would happen, the tragic hero would not go through any type of punishment…
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