Julius Caesar Character Analysis

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A death of a hero; the fate chosen for the protagonist in most dramatic tragedies. Though, in William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’, there are two characters that are given this outcome; Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus. With the most potential, the self-titled, Julius Caesar possesses the characteristics that label him as this Tragic Hero. Caesar’s tragic flaw is hubris when he acknowledges himself. The insight of others that observe Caesar, prove his high ranking. Caesar also struggles with internal conflict when he makes key decisions in the play. By examining his tragic flaw, high rank, and internal conflict, Julius Caesar is clearly the tragic hero in this tragedy. Caesar shows his tragic flaw of having hubris on multiple occasions. Firstly, Caesar’s pride shows through his arrogance. When he shares his thoughts on Cassius with Mark Antony, Caesar says the following. “Such men as he [Cassius] be never at heart’s ease/ Whiles they behold a power greater than themselves, and therefore are they very dangerous. I rather tell thee what is to be feared/ Than what I fear; for always I am Caesar” (I.ii.218-222). Caesar infers that he does not fear what should be by others because there is nothing that can scare him. He believes that is he who is only feared. Claiming that he is fearlessness is an exaggeration since fear is naturally in the nervous system, and works like an instinct in the subconscious mind. It would simply be inhumane to not experience fear. This means Caesar

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