Julius Caesar Contrasts Between Brutus and Cassius

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Julius Caesar is set in 44 BC were Rome was a republic. Roman influence had spread beyond Italy and through the Mediterranean and some of North Africa and also parts of Germany, Belgium and Britain. A senate governed Rome. The main objective of all this meant that not one person was solely in charge and had absolute power and were king like. Marcus Brutus is the most complex character in this play. Brutus is one of the men who assassinate Caesar in the senate. Brutus is complex, because he does not just kill Caesar for greed, envy or to protect his social position like so many of the other conspirators. This Brutus makes very clear in his speech in act III, scene II (lines 12-76), where he explains his actions as being only for the good…show more content…
It doesn’t follow, but this is Cassius` clever manipulative technique; he has got Brutus into conversation and will want him to reveal that he wants to assassinate Caesar. He is keeping him unbalanced to manipulate him. Brutus’s` response is merely that of he cannot see his face and Cassius pounces on this opportunity, “Tis just”, Cassius is now deliberately inflating Brutus pride and now he is enticing him in and he is pumping up his pride deliberately to burst him. Cassius continues and is being very flattering towards Brutus by saying he is very noble but then suddenly “Except immortal Caesar” this would have destroyed Brutus’s sense of pride and would have enraged Brutus; he has relatively degraded him and belittled him in front of Caesar and is now weighing him down. He is doing this to serve his own ends so now Brutus who is enraged can reveal what he exactly feels. On the other hand Brutus’s` response is that which catches Cassius off hand, “into what dangers would you lead me Cassius”, this would suggest that Brutus knows Cassius is manipulating him. However, as he is playing with Brutus’s heap of pride, he cannot resist. The audience will begin to learn that there is tension beneath the surface between these two senators. Furthermore, Cassius has gone a bit too far and goes back to what he was doing before and he readopts the manipulative procedure he was displaying. What’s more, he is trying to appease Brutus by claiming how wonderful

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