Julius Caesar Divi : The Second Triumvirate

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Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus, along with being a mastered politician, he also surpassed at getting Roman people to do what he wanted them to do voluntarily, and he managed to keep the aspect of the Republic up and running for the length of his session as an emperor. After the assassination of his adoptive father, Julius Caesar, Octavian introduced himself in the political leadership in 44 BC. During this time, the army was loyal to their general therefore Octavian paid all of Caesar’s armed forces to transfer their loyalties over to him as Julius Caesar had already chosen Octavian as his heir. In 43 BC, Octavian, Lepidus and Antony formed an alliance called the Second Triumvirate. One of the original aims of the Second Triumvirate was to get rid of Caesar 's assassins, because this would help consolidating their power and position in Rome. This was the form of dictatorship,in which the administration of the empire was shared between three people. Octavian received Italy, Africa, Sicily, and Sardinia. In 42 BC the triumvirate avenged the death of Caesar by defeating Brutus and Cassius, who were the conspirators behind the assassination. In 36 BC, Octavian was awarded tribunician sacrosanctity, an honor that made him indestructible inside of Rome. Occasionally, Lepidus was eliminated from the triumvirate and was not replaced. This left the empire in the hands of Octavian and Antony who retained their triumviral power.

In favor of consolidation of Octavian’s
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