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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was said to be the greatest man in the Roman world. This man whos name alone commands power, success and respect. Born in 102 B.C., Gaius Julius Caesar. His aunt had married as a youth of seventeen to the daughter of Cinna, another leader of the fraction that was opposed to the aristocratic party under Sulla, Marius, great rival. A year or two later, when Sulla had become supreme in the state, the young man was ordered to put away his wife. He refused, and his life was saved only through the intercession of powerful friends in Rome. But though he had been reprieved, Ceasar was far from safe, and for a time he skulled in the mountains until he managed to get acrss the sea to Asia Minor, where he served in the
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Then in 68 B.C. he got his first official appointment under Government, as a quaestor, which secured him a seat in the Senate, and in 63 B.C. he appointed Pontifex maximus, a position of great dignity and importance in the religion establishment of the Roman State. He was onthe way up, and his rise was furthered by successful administration of a province in Spain. So capable did he prove that in 60 B.C. he was chosen by Rome, to form with him and crassus what is called the 1st Triumvirate. To strengthen the union between himself and Pompey, Caesar gave Pompey his daughter Julia in marriage. Then after a year as Consul, Caesar applied for, and was granted, the proconculship of Gual and Illyricum, the Roman dominion that extended from what is now the south of France to the Adriatic. His enemies and he had plenty were glad to see him leave Rome, and they no dought thought that Gual would prove the grave of his reputation. After all, he had up to now shown no special military gifts. But Casear knew what he was doing. He realized that the path to power in the Roman State lay through military victory, and he believed, as firmly as he believed in anything, in his star. In a series of campaigns he extended Roman dominion to the Atlantic and what a thousand years later was to be known as the English Channel. Years after year his dispatched to the Government in Rome told ever large conquests, of ever greater

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