Julius Caesar Funeral Speech Essay

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In act three of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Caesar is murdered by people he believed he could trust. When a funeral is held for him, Antony and Brutus, the two people he trusted the most, speak. After Brutus gives his speech, Antony is allowed to give his own. Antony’s funeral speech creates a sense of doubt that penetrates through the effect of Brutus’s speech on the audience in order to make his own speech more effective and rally up the citizens. Antony’s speech allows the civilians to focus in on the positives of Caesar rather than the negatives that Brutus highlighted. Antony spends a portion of his speech focusing in on the claim that Caesar was ambitious, but after disproving that statement, the audience is forced to consider if in…show more content…
As Antony begins the speech, he calls attention to the idea that, “the evil that men do lives after them” whereas, “the good is oft interred with their bones”. The comparison between the idea of evil and the idea of good allows the awareness of the audience to heighten as they take in the statement. This appeal to the audience’s viewpoint of death affects their mindset as they are led to consider the way people are regarded once they die. Antony’s choice of words in this situation serves his purpose of persuading the audience as it gives the audience a thinking point to reference as he continues his speech. This thinking point later serves to be a driving factor in altering the original perspective of the audience as it detaches them from the points that Brutus had tried to support with his speech. While Antony’s speech progresses, he utilizes repetition to stress the irony of the words Brutus had said before him. Although Brutus has killed his friend, he repeats how, “Brutus is an honorable man”. This repetition appeals to the audience’s sense of truth and reality as they consider what really makes an honorable man, and if Brutus’s actions qualify him as such. The word, “honorable” implies that one is worthy of great respect and should be held in high esteem, but the action of murdering Caesar causes the audience to consider if Brutus
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