Julius Caesar Interview

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If I had the opportunity to meet a historical figure, I would definitely want to meet to Julius Caesar. I enjoy history extensively and he is one of my favorite historical figures as he was a brilliant military strategist and accomplished many impressive political feats in Rome. With a chance to meet him I would ask him many questions about these political accomplishments and his military victories. For my imagined meeting with Caesar, I think of myself as a young senator who aspires to be as great as him. As I go to parley with Caesar, we meet in one of the many Roman libraries as this location would be quiet and peaceful for our conversations. As I meet up with him early in the morning, he stands in great flowing red robes…show more content…
Caesar begins telling me tales of his battles, taking long hours describing the grueling miles they marched and the glorious victories he had won. My hair stands on end as he describes the blood and the death that took place on the battlefields. His visage becomes slightly melancholy as he continues on, knowing that his victories were bought with Roman blood. Caesar then begins on the topic of his political maneuvers. He speaks of the many reforms he put forth and how he cracked down on corruption and selfishness in the Republic of Rome. He tells me how he was able to gain the favor of the plebian classes of Rome and how it has propelled him to new heights in the Senate. As the talks continue the sun rises high in the sky, streaming though the great stained-glass windows. The heat becomes unbearable and I suggest we take the talks outside. We go outside, the guards coming with us, and sit down on the marble seats outside. The breeze cools us as Caesar describes his life in the senate. He tells me that he has had to make many hard decisions in his political career. he hours pass he tells me he must be going as it is an important day for
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