Julius Caesar- Rise to Prominence

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Julius Caesar’s rise to prominence up until 60BC transpired due to a number of factors. The first of these being his family background and Marian connections, which at varying stages of his life were both a help and a hindrance. We can also note that most of his marriages were used to gain political and financial resources accentuating his connections to powerful families and individuals. This rise to prominence can also be attributed to Caesar’s opportunistic nature and vast ambitions coupled with his education and specialised tuition in the art of rhetoric, skills essential to gain popularity and political office. Additionally his acquisition of religious titles added prestige and status to his name while providing him with an array of…show more content…
Caesar’s ambition, nature and education allowed him to establish himself as a skilled lawyer and orator to enhance his prominence among the people. Caesar’s collection of religious titles contributed to increasing his influence and provided him with an array of religious powers. As a young man Caesar was appointed Flamen Dialis with help from his Uncle Gaius Marius a position that provided little power although establishing Caesar as a Populare supporter. Plutarch tells us that, “To this candidacy Sulla secretly opposed himself, and took measures to make Caesar fail in it.”5 Many years later after acquiring the title of pontifex in 73BC, a highly prestigious and renowned position Caesar was elected into the office of Pontifex Maximus a short decade later. This surprised his opponents who had expected the more distinguished Optimate candidates
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