Julius Caesar Sonnet 18

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You force through another smile,
Why don’t you have just one more,
Maybe you can forget for a little while.

No matter your heart is still broken,
Stilled racked by all those years,
How can you see through that smile?
You’re still drowning in so many tears.

But Jesus can mend all heartbreak,
No matter, whatever the date,
The wretched, the lonely, the sad,
We’ve all shared in a similar state.

We’ve all been chocked by life’s worries,
But He can lighten your shadows
Let His peace surround you,
He can gently dissolve your sorrows.
So celebrate with us His birthday,
And join in heavens desire,
So long prayed, waited and hoped for,
He is the promised Messiah.


Do you know the Gift Giver?
Are you basking in His gaze?
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Do you know the Spirit of Truth?
Have you felt His Peace descend?
He’ll wipe every tear,
And draw ever near,
Do you know the Redeemer?
Who was born of Virgin Birth,
Helpless He lay,
In a manger of hay,
All worship the Saviour of earth.

So do you know the Gift Giver?
Is He central to your life’s story?
In joy do you sigh,
With the angels who cry,
“All worship the One of Glory.”


I will put all my hope in the living God, for my only wish is to obey. I will focus on Him and not listen to the temptation that tries to pull me away.
Sometimes I could almost feel myself slide.
The cry of the wicked a constant refrain.
I almost yearned for the riches of man, but no, this is a world without shame.

They are free from the struggles of truth, anything’s accepted behind “closed doors.”
They are robed with pride and violence and freely consort with the whores.
They eat at the table of arrogance, slake their thirst in the well of malice.
The people turn to them and believe their lies, their promises, a poison chalice.

But still I was tempted, again and again
I always drew back, but never understood why, but then in the darkness, I glimpsed Your
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