Julius Caesar Speech Analysis

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After the assassination of Julius Caesar, the debate between Brutus and Antony of whether the homicide of Julius Caesar was right or wrong begins among the Roman citizens. Brutus, one of the accomplices in the murder of Caesar, is trying to convince the people of Rome that killing him was for the best, while Antony, an ally of Caesar, is fighting to prove that the slaughter of Caesar was a corrupted act. They are both honorable men who have much respect from the citizens and well-being of Rome. They each use credibility, emotion, and logic throughout their speeches to make strong appeals. In my opinion, I believe that Antony made a more compelling, well founded appeal without ever directly using any ad hominem approaches to achieve it. Brutus uses several logical statements throughout his speech at his victim’s funeral such as the assertion, “Had you rather Caesar were living and / die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live / all free men?” This comment was very logical to use since it would turn the reason for the murder almost completely back onto the citizens. This statement used is sensible to try to get the citizens of Rome to comprehend some of the reasonings behind the murder of his best friend. He wants to make them feel as if killing Julius Caesar was the only way to live as free men. This approach is set to try to make Romans feel as if Brutus did this vile act for the sake of them and only them.
Antony uses a logical appeal during his speech to the
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