Julius Caesar : The Dictator Of Rome

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Julius Caesar was born in Rome, Italy c. July 12, 100 BCE (“Julius Caesar Biography”). Although many despised him, he was still able to reach his highest potential and became the dictator of Rome. This was not done easily, rather Julius went through many tough battles and overcame many difficult obstacles to reach his highest potential of a dictator. Through his dictatorship, Caesar changed the course of history to what we know it is today. Young Julius came from very humble beginnings. He was brought up as a young Roman, following the traditional Roman practice of conducting some prosecutions in order to gain political attention. This training enabled Caesar to become a fearless ruler with many sophisticated skills. These skills included a leading political and social personality of Rome. (“Gaius Julius Caesar”) Caesar also had a wide range of interests covering legal issues, the calendar, politics, and reorganization of local governments (“Julius Caesar Biography”). When Caesar was eventually elected consul, he allied himself with two essential individuals, Pompey and Crassus. Pompey was a war hero who was poorly treated by the Senate and Crassus was extremely wealthy. Although the two men were adversaries, Caesar was able to link the breach between them and the three men formed the commanding “first triumvirate” (“Julius Caesar”). For Caesar, this political alliance and the power it gave him, was the perfect starting point to an even more powerful dominance (“Julius…
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