Julius Caesar: The Greatest Leaders Of Rome

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Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 B.C., in Rome, died on March 15, 44 B.C. The Roman Empire was the greatest empire at the time when Caesar was born. Before Caesar became a dictator, he tried to win some power in the Senate. If he won, he will be on the top list of the senators, but if he lost, he will basically lose everything, career and money. When Caesar became a dictator, the empire itself is not peaceful, but he changed that. Julius Caesar can be called the top leaders of Rome in the history, because he was well governed the empire, conquered other cities and have the respect from his soldiers. He brought a lot of territory to Rome, but the war causes thousands of thousands of people to death and slaves. When Caesar was a dictator, he had some victory during the war.…show more content…
Caesar’s daughter married to Pompey who is against Caesar after Caesar become a dictator. Then they started a war between Caesar and Pompey, and Caesar destroy the Pompeian, and soon Pompey was murdered by Ptolemy XIII. Julius Caesar also did a lot of good things from Rome. For example, he tries to rebuild Rome, and he made a new calendar including months and days, and every four years is a leap year. Also, he named one of the months to his birth month. On March 15, also know as the Ides of March, Caesar died at a statue of Pompey, after he received 22 slashes and stabs from the senators. The reason of Caesar was being murdered by the senators because the senators think Caesar was becoming too powerful, and the Senators wants to save the Roman
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