Julius Caesar: Who is the Better Tragic Hero, Caesar or Brutus?

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The Search for the Perfect Hero In the world today people consider a hero to be someone like Superman or Spider-Man. In the dictionary a hero is considered or defined as a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities. Though a hero is thought to be free of mistakes they all have tragic flaws like everyone else. A tragic flaw is explained by Aristotle’s definition, which says that: a tragic hero as a character of great reputation and prosperity whose misfortune is not due to depravity or vice, for the hero is a virtuous man or woman but to an error in judgment resulting from a tragic flaw. Sometimes this flaw is an excess of virtue. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare…show more content…
Brutus has great prosperity because he has friends in high places. Also Caesar and Brutus have extremely strong reputations. Reputation is defined as the estimation in which a person or thing is held, by the community or the public generally. Caesar got his reputation by his ability to command and take over. “And then he offered it the third time. He put it the third time by, and still he refused it (I.ii.241-242). Casca says that he saw Antony offering Caesar the crown three times by the approval of all the citizens of Rome. People usually only get the crown offered to them once but Caesar got it offered to him three times so it proves that the citizens of Rome love Caesar so much that they gave him more chances then he needed. Though Caesar has a strong reputation Brutus also has a reputation but he has the stronger reputation of the two. Brutus got his reputation by where he came from and what his family has done in the past. “Brutus had rather be a villager” (I.ii.172). When Brutus states that he would rather be a villager rather than have power, he means that if Caesar continues to rule he would he could not tolerate Caesar’s tyranny. This shows the power Brutus has by implying, that if Caesar was chosen for king he would abuse his authority. Reputation is a huge thing but if others do not know how to control it they should not be given that power. Both Caesar and Brutus have immense virtues. A
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