Julius Caesar in Rome

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However, it could not rule itself (Donegan, n.d.). In the first century, Rome was a republic state, which meant that the highest power was held by most of the people that lived in that area and the representatives that were elected. The state also nominated a president instead of a monarch, which at this time was the Senate. The senators of Rome were not concerned for the people but were fighting for power between each other (Donegan, n.d.). No one presented attention to the people and instruction had turned into turmoil. The head of state, who were always men never women, abused their power and sat on top of all social order (Donegan, n.d.). The nobility, which was a group of people with a hereditary or honorary title, were not given credit and order was given into chaos (Donegan, n.d). During this time the only recognized power that seemed to work was military tyranny. On the other hand, the face of the Roman republic was going to transform later on by the acts of a famous general, statesman, and dictator. He would be the one to side against the upper class and change the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.
Around 100 BC, Aurelia and Gaius Caesar gave birth to a son by the name of Gaius Julius Caesar (McManus, n.d). He was born into a moral upper class family during the perilous times of Rome, when the city was not able to handle its own extent and authority. At the age of 18, Julius Caesar went on…
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