Julius Caesar's Letter To Jesus

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Dearest Caesar, Hark! Caesar, the God upon Earth, listen well. Thou has’t heard my prophetic vision on the Feast of Lupercal, yet sit idly by as if my warning held no true meaning. Thou has’t heard a lioness whelps in the streets, blood pours upon the Capitol, corpses rise from their graves to walk among the living, all one day ere a crown rests upon thy head. You must rest no longer, lest my prophecy fulfills itself… “Beware the Ides of March.” To prevent this tragedy, you cannot be crowned king to morrow. If so, thy death will surely follow, others will die needless deaths, and great turmoil will fall upon Rome. There shall not be a king as great as Caesar, but only if he survives the Ides of March. To do so, you must heed and take action
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