Jumping Badger: A Life Of Sitting Bull

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He is called for Sitting Bull but his real name is Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake. He was called also for “Jumping Badger” by his family. It is not known when he was exactly born but, its around 1831. He was born in Grand River into the Hunkpapa people. He was the last Indian tribal chief who are fighting against to US army. He and his 3.500 fighter has win over the Americans on 25 June 1876. Fear of genocide, he and his tribe moved to Canada up to 1881. He attacked the US union in Montana there for and he was neck but he was donated. Police arrested him for an irrelevant reason, he started to clash with the police and he died there on 1890. He became a symbol for resistance movements for Native American as a figure celebrated by his old enemies.
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