Jumping Into My Academic Career At Notre Dame

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Jumping into my academic career at Notre Dame, I was initially overwhelmed by the many resources offered, and at the same time was not even aware of all of them. At such a prestigious university, I was slightly afraid to seek help or try unfamiliar resources. However, it quickly became obvious that these resources are not available to scare me, but to help me in almost any aspect I may need. For example, in the beginning of the year, I blindly signed up for a Peer-led Team Learning (PLTL) group for General Chemistry; I did not know what it was, but I had a feeling that General Chemistry, despite some previous experience, would be extremely challenging. My latter feelings were correct, but I likely would have never passed with an…show more content…
This opportunity was extremely enlightening, and the resources he provided me were beneficial. In addition, learning about the Career Center at Notre Dame through Moreau class was extremely helpful. After receiving an offer for a summer internship, I recalled the ability to apply for funding through the Career Center, and met with an advisor to make this opportunity possible. Thus, my involvement with the university’s academic resources has significantly expanded since arriving on campus, and I hope to explore the many opportunities available in these next years. For example, next year, I hope to explore, attend meetings for, and apply to the Study Abroad program in Australia. I think that this opportunity is both unique and thrilling, and hope to participate in it during the spring semester of my junior year. Furthermore, I intend to further converse with Dr. Cramer, and potentially look into future research opportunities with him because I am extremely intrigued by his work and am interesting in pursuing similar research. I also hope to become part of this network of academic resources with my new role as Sustainability Commissioner of my dorm. I am excited to educate my peers on the importance of living sustainably and providing resources regarding these topics to them. In cultivating a healthy lifestyle, I have been fairly successfully in maintaining a

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