Junenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation Essay

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Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation University of Phoenix Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation Rehabilitation over Punishment, why one is better or more effective than the other, in order to answer this questions one must understand what each means. Punishment is a consequence of doing something that is unacceptable, it is meant to be unpleasant, the problem with punishment is it does nothing to address the social or mental processes that maybe contributing to delinquency, nor does it address why an individual commits the unacceptable act(assosiated content, n.d.). The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation because while punishment may be unpleasant we need to focus…show more content…
There are several types of facilities in juvenile corrections, such as reception centers that screen juveniles in order to assign them to an appropriate facility, there are also specialized facilities that can provided specific types of care, such as drug treatment, training schools or reformatories for youths that are in need of a long-term secure setting, ranch or forestry camps also provide long-term residential care, as does boot camps, which seek to rehabilitate youth through the use of rough physical training. Choosing the proper facility can be a very difficult decision. Many believe that the most effective secure-corrections programs provided individualized services for a small number of partakers and offer creative approaches to treating the offender. Institutionalizing young offenders can do more harm than good because it exposes the juveniles to prisonlike conditions and to more experienced delinquents without the assistance of constructive treatment programs. Community treatment refers to efforts to provide care, protection, and treatment for juveniles in need. Community treatment covers efforts to keep offenders in the community and spare them the disgrace of incarceration. The main purpose is to provide a nonrestrictive or home setting, employing educational, vocational, counseling, and employment services. The most

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