Junie B Jones Research Paper

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When I was a child, reading meant a magical story that I believed would come true when I grew up. Reading today is antithetic to how it was back in my childhood days. Having a want to read, meant that the library would become my best friend. As a child, my parents wanted me to stay active, which meant I was either at a ball tournament, camping, playing outside, or playing games with my friends, but I made sure I read before bed or on my way to and from ball games. When I was in preschool and elementary school my favorite books to read were The Rainbow Fish and the Junie B. Jones series. The Rainbow Fish was my favorite book because I remember seeing the cover of the book with all its vibrant colors that drew me to read it, which looking at the pictures were good enough for my attention span. Junie B. Jones book series were my favorite in grade school because I could relate Junie B. Jones life because I was the same age going through the same issues. The series was popular for children my age at our school, which we made a competition of who can read all the books first. My parents would occasionally read to me when I was young, but my mother said that I couldn’t stand still long enough to have her read to me. She mentioned that I would instead lay where I could find a spot and block everyone out to read my book. I still enjoy reading, but…show more content…
The books we read in middle school and high school were genres not right up my alley, which made it hard to read them and connect with the books. Also, we would only have two or three weeks to finish the book, which meant we had to read 30-50 pages each night. That made it difficult to want to read for enjoyment because I was focusing on finishing the reading to make sure I knew the material for the test. The only book I do remember from high school, I enjoyed was The Outsiders by S.E
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