Essay on Junior Class President at County High

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A scream echoed through the empty hallways of County High school as we heard the news. "How did that happen?" I thought to myself. This had to have been planned out previously by someone. This event was the Student Government elections held last year, my sophomore year. I had big plans. I wanted to be the Junior Class president. Being Junior Class president is a big responsibility due to prom, concessions and other fund raisers, but I wanted the position anyway. I knew I could handle it. My mom gave me a great idea for a theme that I would carry throughout my posters, my speech and my clothing attire on Election Day. I researched pictures I could put on posters. I bought stickers to hand out to people on election day that went along…show more content…
It turned out I didn't have it easy, though. Tiffani had a great campaign going and a lot of people were supporting her. It was fun walking down the freshman/sophomore hallway during campaign week because our class had posters plastered all over our wall. There wasn't a lot of wall left to see because of all the posters. Walking down the hallway wasn't only fun,but scary at the same time. Tiffani's posters were awesome, which made more people back her up. They also made me jealous because my posters weren't as creative. My posters stuck with my "Bee" theme though, which was one trait Tiffani's posters didn't have. Tiffani and I talked to each other about running against each other. She assured me that nothing would change if I won, and I told her the same. I knew that if she won, I would be fine with that. I had already overloaded myself with activities and if I didn't have Student Government to worry about I would be much better off. Even though she assured me, I still feared that if I won, Tiffani would be very jealous and resentful towards me. It would also be hard to talk about Student Government activities with Tiffani if I made it and she didn't. All these fears and conceited ideas I had, I prayed about. I told God everything. It didn't matter to me if I won or not, I just wanted to keep Tiffani's friendship. After I prayed, God took that into His
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