Junior High Research Paper

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Junior High Junior High is a scary thought. You are little and going to school with the big kids. It wasn’t to bad after I got used to it. I was in 6th grade when I begin to go to the Junior High. I played football and basketball and had the most fun with it. Our Junior High in Burns Flat is the same school as the High School. We had to walk down the halls with the High School people who were all bigger than me so it was a little frightening at first. I didn’t have any girlfriends. I didn’t think it was a good idea because I wasn’t mature and neither were the girls and I known it wouldn’t last long. My 7th grade year was much easier because I was used to being in the school with the big kids. Sports weren’t the same as they were in 6th grade. I didn’t get playing time because the 8th and 9th graders. It wasn’t too much fun playing with 8th and 9th graders. The work was still easy except for science I never understood it. It caused me to have a d in science. My 8th grade year was not so bad. I got better at sports and got a little bit of playing time. My grade in science still was bad. I got in trouble in my English class because we had had Ipads and figured out how to text on it. Kids in my class and I were texting each other on it and the other kids started putting bad stuff so I pretended that I was our…show more content…
I started on the basketball and football team. The thing about basketball though, is that I didn’t have the best attitude. Basketball is the sport I love and when I had a bad game I would get down on myself. It never worked out for me when I got down especially during a game because it threw my game off. I never learned how to control it this year, so basketball had its up and downs. A part about me being a freshman and that I was a Junior High kid but also a High School kid which meant I played High School sports. I quit High School football for a little while and joined
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