Junior Officer Failure

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The Junior Officer Chief Bond Is Failing A Coast Guard Cutter departed home port on July 2nd 2015 for a routine summer Alaska Patrol, with scheduled port calls in Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Adak, and a transit into the arctic circle. Weeks passed and the crew settled into their routine of underway life. There soon began to appear issues of poor communications, simple daily tasks were not complete. Watch issues, teams not properly prepared for a mission. There is a break down between the junior officers and the chiefs. Junior officers and chiefs unwillingness to follow a mentorship programs, is causing poor mission execution. The junior officer is not actively engaging their division chief to ask how to accomplish tasks assigned to them by the command.…show more content…
In order to see the world at 15,000 ft we must get out and about, leave our comfort zone. We take so much time to mentor our junior subordinates, but forget about the junior officer. Junior officers must know how to deal with administration, division proficiency, seamanship. A junior officer will only go as far, as their first chief will take them. Perhaps the reason the division officer does not reach out for the chief is because he had a bad experience with the chief’s mess, and is scared of the “goat locker”. Reach out to your junior officer invite them in for a cup of coffee, discuss work, discuss life. Help them to reach their goals professionally and in their personal life. Create time to teach your junior officer what you are doing, why your are doing it that way, get them involved with administration. Perhaps create a unofficial PQS with tasks that a junior officer is expected to know and complete before his tour is complete. Material should include general division knowledge, basic administrative functions, budget managing, supply functions, and work life. . In conclusion junior officers and chiefs unwillingness to follow a mentorship program, is causing poor mission execution. This can be resolved by the chief getting out of the mess and mentoring the junior officer. By setting expectations working on a junior officer PQS/development plan it will get the junior officer out of his comfort zone, the chief will impact a future leader of the coast guard. “Remember you never know who you will work for in the
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