Junior Rearden

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“ Please God, please don’t kill my daddy”(203). People have very different beliefs and ways to show their beliefs. Junior shows his belief in God by praying for his father to arrive safely at the school. After losing multiple people that he cares about he became so upset and cold and he needed hope from God that he wouldn't lose his father as well. Some people do not believe that prayer works and use different ways to ask for things. Junior was so happy to see his father he started laughing. He knew that if he had a lot hope for his father to arrive safely that he would. 2. Goals and Dreams
“ I felt important with a pen in my hand. I feel like I might grow up to be somebody important. An artist. Maybe a famous artist. Maybe a rich artist”(6). Everyone has a dream job that they’ve always wanted to have. Junior has a dream to be an artist. He encourages that dream by leaving the reservation and going to Rearden, he is breaking out of his small town shell to become more successful. He enjoys creating cartoons because it makes him feel special. He likes to portray how he feels in cartoons, instead of words because images are limitless. Junior dreams of being someone important and not just a small town Indian. Junior lives his current life in poverty and he wants to be rich when he is older.
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Education “Rearden was the opposite of the rez”(56). This evidence shows how all schools educate students differently. Rearden had a great education which is why Mr. P wanted Junior to go to Rearden so he could be more successful with is education because he is so intelligent. Mr. P saw potential in Junior and thinks he can go far. In comparison, the reservation school was not as nice nor as good of an education. They did not have a lot of funding for the school because it is in an area of poverty for example, the books at the reservation were so old that they were same books that Junior’s mother
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